Beavertail state park Jamestown, RI

It is only three hours away from New York but things are totally different here. It is very quiet and peaceful here. You can enjoy this scenic view without being surrounded by the crowd or fighting over a parking spot. If you need a place to find an inner peace, you are in the right place!

Simba liked sitting on the rock. Well, I would rephrase it. Simba liked sitting on me sitting on the rock. He is very spoiled and he wouldn’t sit on a bumpy rock. Simba really enjoyed watching the view and liked jumping between the rocks. 


Slice of heaven Jamestown, RI

I hate driving. But I started driving because of one of the TV shows. I don’t remember what date it was but I was watching this TV show after work. A guy was talking about common prejudices like, “Canadians are afraid of darkness and Asians can’t drive.”. Omg. I was so offended by that and wanted to prove them wrong. So I decided to start driving. I was able to confidently say “Yes, I drive!” but I haven’t been driving that much because I still hate driving. And I live in New York. I don’t have to drive if I don’t want to. All New Yorkers have their own personal drivers called Uber. 

It was November of 2016 and my lease term was ending soon. I had to drive somewhere to use some mileages. I took my doggie to Rhode Island. I had absolutely no idea what is in Rhode Island until I did some research. It turned out that it was an amazing place for a road trip. 

First thing first. I had to get a nice brunch with my doggie Simba. 

-> Simba waiting for his brunch

Simba: Where is my food?

Slice of heaven. Nice name. And they are dog-friendly! Their food was very nice. Sweet potato fries were crispy and the burger was juicy. The clam chowder soup was tasty and filling. The staffs were super nice and friendly. And the food always tastes better when you are with the dogs. 

Simba: Yummy!

Shake shack at Madison Square Garden New York, NY

After relaxing at the hotel for an hour or two, I headed down to Madison square garden. The snow was melting down on the street so the road was very wet but Simba liked strolling down the city very much.

When I arrived at Madison square garden, I wasn’t that hungry. But when I smelled the fresh made burgers and fries, I had to stop here at the shake shack. 

The guy at the counter grinned and said hi to me and Simba. He asked me to give him a minute and he opened up a small box at the counter. I was amazed when he handed over a dog treat for Simba. Since it is a dog-friendly restaurant – and the park, of course – they prepared dog treats for dog visitors. How thoughtful they are! aaa

Hotel Crowne Plaza at Times Square New York, NY

I checked in to the hotel Crowne plaza at Times square. There are so many hotels in New York but I chose this one because it is great location-wise and it is one of the dog-friendly hotels. It was kind of funny when people ask me where I came from. I just smiled as if I don’t speak English at all. Yes, I have a luggage and a dog in the carrier but I took 7 train to get here! 

The hotel room has a king size bed and a small sofa where my doggie can sit on.

Look at his sparkling eyes! He seems to be very excited to be here. I washed him off and made him relax for a little bit because it will be a long day ahead of us.

The view from the hotel. It is even better when it is night! 

Bryant Park New York, NY

The painting guy came to my apartment on Feb 15 2017. Yes, finally! I packed everything so I can stay out of my house for a day or two. I was glad to leave my messy house behind as the painter started painting the wall. I headed to Bryant Park on the 42nd Street. Bryant Park has a nice view and a lot of food trucks, coffee parlors and outdoor tables in the winter time.

I had this interesting waffle that has bacon, banana, and peanut butter on the top. Yummy! 

My doggie Simba liked chilling out here as well.

Simba can’t tolerate cold weather. Also he is spoiled so bad. He knows I will pick him up right away if he shivers. It was very nice to sit in the Bryant park but I had to leave because my little buddy can’t take cold weather no more. I can’t wait for the summer to come. So I can stay with Simba outside as long as I want!

Socrates sculture park Astoria, NY

I promise that I will come back here in the spring. It was just too cold and too much snow. But I am sure It would be a great place to hang out with dogs in the summer time. 

It is a water-front park where you can get the nice view of Manhattan. Me and my buddy stood here about five minutes and we couldn’t stand the wind gust anymore. Again, it would be much nicer in the summer time.

Gastroteca Astoria, NY

I am so royal enough to live in the same apartment for a couple of years and I became eligible for a free paiting now. Yay! It means I will be living in a place that has a white, clean, and flawless walls and the ceiling. Only downside is that it requires a lot of work. I had to move all my furnitures to the center, clean all the dusts and dirts underneath the furnitures, and remove all the hangings and lights so that I can make a ‘painter-welcoming’ environment.

It’s February 10, the D-day for a plastering – For those who don’t know what it is including myself, it’s like a pre-painting job which fills up little gaps in the wall -. I woke up early and got ready to go out. I’m a planner. I had all the plans for the day such as having a brunch at Gastroteca, walking Socrates scupture park, and sleeping in a dog-friendly hotel in Manhattan. The painting guy came and said, “Well, all the plastering job is done already.”. I was standing in front of a messy, center-packed house looking at this guy like a dumb. My doggie got dressed up and I had a traveler luggage on my side. “Oh, really?” 

The guy left and I called up the management office. 

“If the plastering job was done already, why did you schedule a plastering job anyway?”

Management said,

“If the plastering job was done already, why didn’t you tell us that?”

The argument was pointless. 

“Can somebody paint my house today then? I am off today and I prepared everything for a painting.”

“No, it’s all booked. You need to wait until the scheduled day which is Feb 15.”

I left my messy house with my dog anyway. All my work yesterday went in vain but I didn’t want it to ruin my day. I have my plans and I will carry out anyway as if I had a reason to get away from my house. I took a train and brought my doggie to Long Island City. 

Gastroteca. It’s small, nice brunch place in LIC. And it is dog-friendly! Usually they have outdoor patio that allows people to sit with their pups but it was a day after a snowstorm and outdoor patio was closed. I was able to have a lunch with my doggie inside which was amazing! 

He wanted to share some champagne with me but no way! 

Look at his desperate face! 

Risotto with sausage. My buddy Simba got a little piece of it and he enjoyed it very much! 

Tiramisu. Their tiramisu is very different that others. It was very creamy and sweet. 

It’s Friday and I am not working. I am sitting at a local brunch cafe with my lovely doggie, having a nice brunch, and sipping a glass of wine. What else can you possibly ask for? 


Hello, my name is Kate and I live in New York City. I came here in 2010 with my family. Living in New York City is one of many blessings in my life. I love exploring the city and I have realized why the most of the people around the world want to visit New York at least once in their lifetimes. New York offers a lot of things and all the good things come to New York eventually.

I have a little yorkie named Simba – I named him after Simba in Lion king -. I love him so much and I like spending time with him. He always makes me smile under any circumstances. He is the best thing ever happened in my life!


I like traveling too. I traveled many countries such as Spain, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Italy, England, etc and many states in U.S. I still haven’t been to many places such as D.R., India, and Bermuda Triangle – Even though I may never come back from here.

One day, I wondered if I can put these two things together. Can I travel with my little doggie? Where and How far can I go? and what can I do with my doggie making sure me and my doggie are both having fun and feel comfortable? To answer this question and possibly help other dog-lovers, I decided to start a blog called ‘Traveling with the dog’ – I was shocked by the fact that this domain is not taken -. I hope this blog would be a little guide to dog lovers on where they could hang out with their loving dogs. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions on where should I take my doggie to. I would be happy to try it and write a post about it. Thanks for reading. I will write my first post soon enough!