It gets very tough to bring your dog to local restaurants when it is cold. Because the most of restaurants allow dogs at the outdoor patio and they close outdoor patio in the winter. I tried calling several dog-friendly restaurants and I wasn’t lucky finding a nice restaurant for both me and Simba. 

Maison Kawser is the winner! I passed here several times and they always keep outdoor patio open even when it is freezing and no one wants to sit outside! Maison Kawser has BYOB (Bring your own bottle) policy as well. Whoever owns Maison Kawser should be a such a generous, sweet French man! – It’s a French restaurant known for dessert. 

We sat here. Simba drew some people’s attention on the street. I know, he is just so cute! 

Maison Kawser is right behind the columbus circle. If you have a really good vision, you can see the landscape of central park from here – Good luck!. 

Simba: Quiche for me please! 

Simba: Is my food ready yet?

Simba: Hey, dessert is to share!

Maison is known for their Eclair. It has three flavors I believe and I love Coffee flavor the most. It’s very sweet to the point where you might worry about your sugar level. But it is very good though. 

Warning: Chocolates are very bad for the dog. Please do NOT give any chocolates to dogs. It might be dangerous for them. 

Quichi Lorraine. I had to google twice to get this spelling right. It was okay. I liked the crispy outer layer but middle part was little boring. Simba liked the crispy layer as well! 

It’s getting cold and it’s time to go home. I can’t wait to go out with Simba again! 


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