I wouldn’t want to come here if I was a student here. I liked spending time here not having to worry about homework or exams. I visited here on Saturday and I didn’t encounter any security staffs. So I am unsure about dog policies here but I have seen a lot of dogs walking and running on the campus. 

I liked this lion statue. This statue reminded me of movie Lionking which I picked up the name Simba for my dog from. I have no idea if this lion has anything to do with this school. 

It was very windy and Simba was struggling to keep his eyes open. How cute he is! 

We placed an order for delivery. The picnic does not have to happen in Central park all the time. It could be the school! And the picnic gets better when nobody has to cook and pack. 

We just ordered some spicy Korean foods. Foods were good. It felt so different having it outside than having it at the restaurant. It was all spicy foods. Sorry, nothing for you, Simba.  

Schools may not have good foods but they usually have good coffees – so their students can stay up studying at night! We didn’t forget to get a latte from Joe coffee in one of the school buildings. Hmm, tasty! 


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