I hate driving. But I started driving because of one of the TV shows. I don’t remember what date it was but I was watching this TV show after work. A guy was talking about common prejudices like, “Canadians are afraid of darkness and Asians can’t drive.”. Omg. I was so offended by that and wanted to prove them wrong. So I decided to start driving. I was able to confidently say “Yes, I drive!” but I haven’t been driving that much because I still hate driving. And I live in New York. I don’t have to drive if I don’t want to. All New Yorkers have their own personal drivers called Uber. 

It was November of 2016 and my lease term was ending soon. I had to drive somewhere to use some mileages. I took my doggie to Rhode Island. I had absolutely no idea what is in Rhode Island until I did some research. It turned out that it was an amazing place for a road trip. 

First thing first. I had to get a nice brunch with my doggie Simba. 

-> Simba waiting for his brunch

Simba: Where is my food?

Slice of heaven. Nice name. And they are dog-friendly! Their food was very nice. Sweet potato fries were crispy and the burger was juicy. The clam chowder soup was tasty and filling. The staffs were super nice and friendly. And the food always tastes better when you are with the dogs. 

Simba: Yummy!


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