I am so royal enough to live in the same apartment for a couple of years and I became eligible for a free paiting now. Yay! It means I will be living in a place that has a white, clean, and flawless walls and the ceiling. Only downside is that it requires a lot of work. I had to move all my furnitures to the center, clean all the dusts and dirts underneath the furnitures, and remove all the hangings and lights so that I can make a ‘painter-welcoming’ environment.

It’s February 10, the D-day for a plastering – For those who don’t know what it is including myself, it’s like a pre-painting job which fills up little gaps in the wall -. I woke up early and got ready to go out. I’m a planner. I had all the plans for the day such as having a brunch at Gastroteca, walking Socrates scupture park, and sleeping in a dog-friendly hotel in Manhattan. The painting guy came and said, “Well, all the plastering job is done already.”. I was standing in front of a messy, center-packed house looking at this guy like a dumb. My doggie got dressed up and I had a traveler luggage on my side. “Oh, really?” 

The guy left and I called up the management office. 

“If the plastering job was done already, why did you schedule a plastering job anyway?”

Management said,

“If the plastering job was done already, why didn’t you tell us that?”

The argument was pointless. 

“Can somebody paint my house today then? I am off today and I prepared everything for a painting.”

“No, it’s all booked. You need to wait until the scheduled day which is Feb 15.”

I left my messy house with my dog anyway. All my work yesterday went in vain but I didn’t want it to ruin my day. I have my plans and I will carry out anyway as if I had a reason to get away from my house. I took a train and brought my doggie to Long Island City. 

Gastroteca. It’s small, nice brunch place in LIC. And it is dog-friendly! Usually they have outdoor patio that allows people to sit with their pups but it was a day after a snowstorm and outdoor patio was closed. I was able to have a lunch with my doggie inside which was amazing! 

He wanted to share some champagne with me but no way! 

Look at his desperate face! 

Risotto with sausage. My buddy Simba got a little piece of it and he enjoyed it very much! 

Tiramisu. Their tiramisu is very different that others. It was very creamy and sweet. 

It’s Friday and I am not working. I am sitting at a local brunch cafe with my lovely doggie, having a nice brunch, and sipping a glass of wine. What else can you possibly ask for? 


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