The painting guy came to my apartment on Feb 15 2017. Yes, finally! I packed everything so I can stay out of my house for a day or two. I was glad to leave my messy house behind as the painter started painting the wall. I headed to Bryant Park on the 42nd Street. Bryant Park has a nice view and a lot of food trucks, coffee parlors and outdoor tables in the winter time.

I had this interesting waffle that has bacon, banana, and peanut butter on the top. Yummy! 

My doggie Simba liked chilling out here as well.

Simba can’t tolerate cold weather. Also he is spoiled so bad. He knows I will pick him up right away if he shivers. It was very nice to sit in the Bryant park but I had to leave because my little buddy can’t take cold weather no more. I can’t wait for the summer to come. So I can stay with Simba outside as long as I want!


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