Hello, my name is Kate and I live in New York City. I came here in 2010 with my family. Living in New York City is one of many blessings in my life. I love exploring the city and I have realized why the most of the people around the world want to visit New York at least once in their lifetimes. New York offers a lot of things and all the good things come to New York eventually.

I have a little yorkie named Simba – I named him after Simba in Lion king -. I love him so much and I like spending time with him. He always makes me smile under any circumstances. He is the best thing ever happened in my life!


I like traveling too. I traveled many countries such as Spain, Canada, Thailand, Germany, Italy, England, etc and many states in U.S. I still haven’t been to many places such as D.R., India, and Bermuda Triangle – Even though I may never come back from here.

One day, I wondered if I can put these two things together. Can I travel with my little doggie? Where and How far can I go? and what can I do with my doggie making sure me and my doggie are both having fun and feel comfortable? To answer this question and possibly help other dog-lovers, I decided to start a blog called ‘Traveling with the dog’ – I was shocked by the fact that this domain is not taken -. I hope this blog would be a little guide to dog lovers on where they could hang out with their loving dogs. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any suggestions on where should I take my doggie to. I would be happy to try it and write a post about it. Thanks for reading. I will write my first post soon enough!



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