Cookshop New York, NY

Meatpacking area is full of fun. There is Whitney museum, highline, nightclubs, and a lot of looftop bars where you can get the full landscape of New York City and Hudson river – I wonder if there is any dog-friendly looftop bar in NYC. I would definitely post it if I find one -. 

This restaurant called Cookshop is one of my favorite spots. They have good ambiance and great service. When we walked in, the server greeted me and Simba in a friendly manner. It is very nice to dine in this well-decorated restaurant but it is also very nice to have your meal with your dog outside watching all the people passing by. 

The server offered Simba a little biscuit. Simba enjoyed watching and greeting the people on the street. And the people smiled at him when they see him. 

It was a beautiful day. 


Highline New York, NY – NOT dog-friendly

Unlike many other parks in New York, Highline is NOT dog-friendly. I learned this when a crazy security guy chased after me until I exit the park. He was following right behind me and Simba continuously making clicking sound with a puncher in his hand. He seemed psychotic and paranoid. I didn’t go back to highline since then. 

So these pictures were taken before I was warned by a crazy security guy. No-dog policy stinks. I have to let go of you, Highline. Sayonara. 

Franklin Barbecue Austin, TX

Texas, baby! This goes back to last summer Oct 18 2016 it was – Is October considered as summer? But look what I wore. It was summer! 

I visited my sister and brother in law in Texas. On our trip to Austin, I found this nice dog-friendly restaurant called Franklin Barbecue. Not only this restaurant is dog-friendly but it is very very popular too! Me and my doggie had to wait almost two hours outside. My doggie didn’t want to wait on the line but you know, he is the youngest one in the family. So he doesn’t have a choice.

Their food was very tasty. My family loved it. Simba liked it so much. It is all beef. Why would he not like it?

Tip: Human’s foods are generally very salty so it is not good for dogs. When I give him human food, I only give him a bite so he can taste it a little bit. He mainly eats dog foods. 

This artwall can be found across the street of Franklin Barbecue. 

Maison Kawser New York, NY

It gets very tough to bring your dog to local restaurants when it is cold. Because the most of restaurants allow dogs at the outdoor patio and they close outdoor patio in the winter. I tried calling several dog-friendly restaurants and I wasn’t lucky finding a nice restaurant for both me and Simba. 

Maison Kawser is the winner! I passed here several times and they always keep outdoor patio open even when it is freezing and no one wants to sit outside! Maison Kawser has BYOB (Bring your own bottle) policy as well. Whoever owns Maison Kawser should be a such a generous, sweet French man! – It’s a French restaurant known for dessert. 

We sat here. Simba drew some people’s attention on the street. I know, he is just so cute! 

Maison Kawser is right behind the columbus circle. If you have a really good vision, you can see the landscape of central park from here – Good luck!. 

Simba: Quiche for me please! 

Simba: Is my food ready yet?

Simba: Hey, dessert is to share!

Maison is known for their Eclair. It has three flavors I believe and I love Coffee flavor the most. It’s very sweet to the point where you might worry about your sugar level. But it is very good though. 

Warning: Chocolates are very bad for the dog. Please do NOT give any chocolates to dogs. It might be dangerous for them. 

Quichi Lorraine. I had to google twice to get this spelling right. It was okay. I liked the crispy outer layer but middle part was little boring. Simba liked the crispy layer as well! 

It’s getting cold and it’s time to go home. I can’t wait to go out with Simba again! 

Columbia university New York, NY

I wouldn’t want to come here if I was a student here. I liked spending time here not having to worry about homework or exams. I visited here on Saturday and I didn’t encounter any security staffs. So I am unsure about dog policies here but I have seen a lot of dogs walking and running on the campus. 

I liked this lion statue. This statue reminded me of movie Lionking which I picked up the name Simba for my dog from. I have no idea if this lion has anything to do with this school. 

It was very windy and Simba was struggling to keep his eyes open. How cute he is! 

We placed an order for delivery. The picnic does not have to happen in Central park all the time. It could be the school! And the picnic gets better when nobody has to cook and pack. 

We just ordered some spicy Korean foods. Foods were good. It felt so different having it outside than having it at the restaurant. It was all spicy foods. Sorry, nothing for you, Simba.  

Schools may not have good foods but they usually have good coffees – so their students can stay up studying at night! We didn’t forget to get a latte from Joe coffee in one of the school buildings. Hmm, tasty! 

Morningside Park New York, NY

Simba: Hello, guys! 

I have a friend who goes to Columbia university. Last Saturday, I decided to bother him a little bit because he studies too much! I wanted to take off at 116th St of 1 train but I took off at 116th St of 2 train instead. I just failed to transfer to 1 train at 96th 0street. Anyway, it happened and here we are. 

It is technically still winter but it is very warm like spring these days. Since Simba can’t tolerate coldness – I am told that Yorkshire terriers in general can’t tolerate cold weather – he liked this weather and overwhelming sunshine. He is probably looking at the jogger. 

When you climb up this slope, you will see a little observation deck where you can sit, relax and look around here. This park must be definitely look better in the spring when all the trees start blooming which means I will have to come back here.

Simba: Not me! I am tired already.

Newport harbor Newport, RI

Sunset itself is amazing. But the most beautiful sunset can be found at the harbor. 

Like many other romantic dogs, Simba likes to watch the sunset. We sat down and watch the sun goes down slowly and romantically. It was a remarkable moment. 

Mokka coffeehouse Newtown, RI

This cafe offers you various artworks and statues in the courtyard. You may even think that you are in the outdoor sculpture garden. 

Their coffee and pastries are good. I would definitely go back here when I go back to Rhode Island. Me and Simba were so glad to find this hidden gem!